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XM6 Pro-68k Release 29 (210206), Emulateur Sharp X68000

Par shu, le 09/02/2021, 10:48

XM6 Pro-68k Release 29 (210206)

Voici une nouvelle release pour XM6 Pro-68k, émulateur Sharp X68000 pour Windows.

XM6 Pro-68k est un émulateur Sharp X68000 basé sur la version 2.05 du XM6 original.
L'auteur précise que "les changements sont principalement liés à l'interface utilisateur, et que l'accent est mis sur le développement et le débogage des fonctionnalités plutôt que sur la précision de l''émulation. Cependant, les améliorations générales que l''émulateur apporte le rende plus recommandable que XM6 v2.06 (version finale officielle)".

Vous trouverez beaucoup d'informations sur l''émulation du X68000 en général sur le site de l'auteur.

Changelog :

Release 28 (210129)

Delta files for floppy disk images are now supported. Delta files record
changes to a disk image in a separate file, which is necessary for saving
modifications under certain circumstances, such as for images in archives.

In the past, XM6 would simply discard any pending changes that couldn't be
written to an image file, but now they will be saved into a delta file in the
same location as the image/archive. Please see the manual for more details.

If you prefer the original behavior, you can disable the creation of delta
files by opening any Floppy Drive menu, opening Delta Files, Default (initial),
and finally selecting the Discard option. Keyboard shortcut: Alt-1, T, I, D.
(Another, more drastic, method is unchecking the Enable Delta Files menu item.)

For consistency, all throttle controls are now vertically oriented.

Input devices with exactly three axes will now have their third axis duplicated
onto the missing fourth axis. This was done to increase throttle compatibility.

Holding Shift while selecting an item from a floppy disk MRU menu will now
also eject the disk (if currently inserted or queued) from the former drive
if it has the same path and is not a multi-disk image. You can still use
Control when selecting an MRU to insert the same image into both drives.

Bug fixes:

Certain analog joystick scanning patterns were not working.

Fixed a few problems that could only occur with the power switch off (my fault).


Release 29 (210206)

The key mapping dialog has been expanded. Furthermore, the usual kludging that
attempts to block the Windows keys is now applied during key assignment as well.

Added some kludges for Cyberstick buttons that couldn't actually be pressed.

CPU subwindows have new keyboard shortcuts for accessing registers. See manual.

Bug fixes:

Fixed a crash in the visual keyboard mapping window (my fault).

Fixed a bug related to remapping the Control keys (my fault).

Canceling the key mapping dialog was disabling controller input.

The visual keyboard mapping window was sometimes removing key bindings.

The fast-forward key was active in situations where it shouldn't have been.

Site officiel :

Section Sharp X68000

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