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Stella 6.5, Emulateur Atari 2600

Par shu, le 11/01/2021, 22:39

Stella 6.5

Atari 2600

Voici une nouvelle release pour Stella, l'excellent émulateur Atari VCS 2600 sous Windows, Linux et Mac OS X, qui passe en version 6.5.

Changelog :

- Added high scores saving.
- Improved text editing functionality (except PromptWidget):
  • Enhanced selection and cut/copy/paste from keyboard.
  • Added undo and redo support.
  • Added mouse support (selection, cut/copy/paste).
  • All actions have keyboard shortcuts.

- Various improvements to the ROM launcher:
  • Added wildcard support to the dialog filter
  • Added option to search subdirectories

- Added static tooltips to some UI items.
- Added dynamic tooltips to most debugger items.
- Added sound to Time Machine playback.
- Added browser dialogs for user saved files.
- Extended global hotkeys for input devices & ports settings.
- Moved to using an SQLite database for storing user settings, properties and highscores. More work will follow in future releases.
- Increased sample size for CDFJ+.
- Fixed autofire bug for trackball controllers.
- Fixed bug in TV autodetection in filenames; a filename containing 'PAL'' inside a word would sometimes misdetect as a PAL ROM.
- Fixed Stelladaptor/2600'daptor devices sometimes not being assigned correct default mappings.
- Codebase now uses C++17 features, which means a minimum of gcc7 or clang5 for Linux/Mac, and Visual Studio 2019 for Windows.

Site officiel :

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