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FCEUX 2.3.0, Emulateur NES/Famicom

Par shu, le 03/01/2021, 15:30

FCEUX 2.3.0

Après près de 4 ans et demi sans mise à jour, voici une nouvelle release pour FCEUX (ou FCE UltraX), un excellent émulateur NES/Famicom, qui passe en version 2.3.0.

Principales nouveautés :

The 2.3.0 includes 4 years worth of improvements and bug fixes, not to mention a completely rewritten GUI for linux based on Qt5 which incorporates a number of screens previously available only on the windows port.

Changelog :


- 64 bit build support


- Added Mapper 111 cheapocabra
- Added Mapper 190
- Added RAM Init Options: default (00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF as always), all FF, all 00, random
- New UNIF mappers
- Mapper 30 4-screen support
- Mapper 5 MMC5 large WRAM support
- VRC7 patch set finalized with correct values dumped by Nuke.YKT
- Fixed rendering and debugging of mirrored palette entries


- Various improvements and bug fixes to pre-existing functions
- Fix parsing of lua colors over 0x80000000 on 32bits systems
- Extra colors available to lua overlays
- Lua write callbacks: adding optional third parameter to retrieve the value written
- Added Sprites.lua script to visualize sprites
- Zapper control

New Lua functions

- emu.exit()
- rom.getfilename()
- zapper.set(table input)


- Various GUI improvements and bug fixes
- Fixed font rescaling issue
- Relative position mouse support for better fullscreen mouse capture
- Left and right mouse buttons no longer conflict with each other
- Virtual boy controller
- Fixed silly quit message randomizer
- Fixed NTSC filter null pointer crash when closing, NTSC filter now supports emphasis
- Sound output is now 48000 Hz by default
- Improve error message for invalid ROM file


- Added memory read/write conditional breakpoint capability
- Added illegal opcode support for breakpoints
- Support for 'S'' register in conditional debugger breakpoints
- Syntax highlight of disassembly
- Fixed corruption of PPU reset while debugging
- Attribute mode for nametable viewer
- Greyscale palettes for PPU and nametable viewers
- Fixed transparent sprite palette display in PPU viewer
- Fixed accidental filtering of special symbols

Trace Logger

- Added bank number log option


- Fix Fixed VRAM data logging glitch

Hex Editor

- Added OAM view feature
- Added Home/End key response
- Bookmark fixes for all view region types
- Fixed Find dialog to be able to find the first or last byte of the memory region
- Prevent middle mouse button from attempting to "FreezeRam" when not in RAM mode
- Added Load from file feature

iNES Header Editor

- A new tool which can edit the iNES header of ROM files

TAS Editor

- Fixed dialog height that kept increasing


- GUI completely rewritten using Qt5. Replaces old GTK GUI
- New Qt GUI now contains most of the debug tools that previously only existed in windows version
- Build setup migrated to cmake. Replaces scons build setup

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