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RockNES 5.63, Emulateur NES/Famicom

Par shu, le 14/09/2020, 22:40

RockNES 5.63

Voici une nouvelle release pour RockNES, émulateur NES sous Windows codé par Zepper, qui passe en version 5.63.

Changelog :

What's new for version 5.63 (09/13/2020)
- Fixed a bug in the MMC3 PPU IRQs (fixes Mega Man VI and others).
- Added an option for DMC reversed bits decoding order.
- Fixed NSF track change in triple buffering mode.
- NSF mode no more allow changes to screen aspect ratio, or scanlines.
- Fixed palette setting if an external palette was loaded.
- Fixed a problem with triple buffering (should run at normal speed).
- Rollback for color style calculations.
- Changing the video resolution (using GUI dialog) now sets the game screen to 240p.
- Vertical retrace is now enabled by default.
- Fixed program version number in the binary.
- Fixed a few obscure errors in the config file parsing.
- Added display of the percentage of frames per second.
- Code revision and rewrites for GUI dialogs.
- Removed a few debug leftovers, plus minor improvements and cosmetic changes.
- Documentation updated.

Site officiel :

Section NES/Famicom (Goodset)
Set No Intro NES/Famicom

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