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Ootake 2.92, Emulateur PC Engine/PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx

Par shu, le 25/11/2019, 10:04

Ootake 2.92

PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16

Voici une nouvelle release pour Ootake, émulateur NEC PC Engine/PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx sous Windows développé par Kitao Nakamura, qui passe en version 2.92.

Changelog :

2019/11/24 2.92 released

- Added "Show Audio Channel Graph" to "Info" menu. During game play Sound
Volume Graph of each channel (6 channels + ADPCM + CDDA) can be displayed.
+ Green graph ... Wave Memory sound
Pink graph ... Noise sound
Yellow graph ... DDA Sampling sound
Orange graph ... LFO Modulation sound
White (2nd right) ... ADPCM (CD Game only)
Purple (1st right) ... CD-DA (CD Game only)
* A channel whose graphs are "divided into left and right halves" is a
channel that is playing with Stereo Sound.
* You can also switch the display position and hide it by pressing [9]
and [0] (numeric keypad is disabled) on the keyboard.
- Fixed the processing timing of the built-in sound source (wave memory
sound source). In "Xevious", an issue that sometimes caused the number of
sounds to be low (occurred from recent versions) has been resolved. Also,
I think that the tone has approached that of a real machine.
- Added "Size x5" to the "Screen" menu. * The enlargement process is heavy
on older PC. In that case, please use full screen mode without overdoing
By the way, when the distance to the display is short, "Size x3" size is
more beautiful and still fits in the field of view, so it is recommended
to play comfortably. "Size x5" is useful for small displays such as small
4K displays and when you want to play a little away from the display.
- Added "TV Scanlined 2 (Blur, Fast)" and "Non-Scanlined TV 2 (Blur for
x4x5)" to the "Screen-> Mode" menu. If you are using a large window size
or full screen, you can play on a large blurred screen if you use these at
full HD or higher resolution. I think that this large blur is effective
when playing on large LCD TV.
- Fixed an issue that the aspect ratio of the game screen display was
slightly incorrect.
- The speed and timing were brought closer to a real machine. In "Quiz
Tonosama no Yabou", resolved an issue (occurred from v2.51) that caused
the screen to shake at the start of the quiz questions. In "Star Parodia",
resolved an issue where the display of the rainbow scene before the first
boss was a bit confusing (occurred from recent versions).
- When using in a multi-display environment, coordinate correction
processing is no longer performed even when the Ootake's window protrudes
from the screen.
- With some PC environments, in full screen mode, fixed an issue that caused
V-Sync to not synchronize well and left tearing at the top of the screen.
If this doesn't work, try unchecking the "Screen -> V-Sync ->
V-Sync Timing Adjust" menu.
- Organized the contents of "Audio" menu and "Setting->Audio" menu. The
audio buffer amount is indicated in frame time units.
- Removed "Direct Draw" setting in "Setting->Screen" menu. From this
version, only Direct3D drawing is supported.
- The Aero function is automatically turned off (display delay is reduced)
when used with Windows7. In addition, the "Screen->Disable Aero" menu
deleted in v2.88 has been restored.
- Fixed a bug that the tempo of the sound may not be stable for about the
first second immediately after opening the game ROM image file with some
PC environments.
- Fixed a bug that the game name was not displayed correctly when "&" was
entered in the game name at the "Recent" menu.
- Other minor details have been modified and improved.

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