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My Nes 7.7.7263, Emulateur NES/Famicom

Par shu, le 20/11/2019, 23:04

My Nes 7.7.7263

Voici du nouveau pour My Nes, émulateur NES pour Windows (XP_SP3/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 en X86 et X64) et Linux, qui passe en version 7.7.7263.

L'émulateur supporte plus de 1000 roms. Le moteur du rendu vidéo utilise les librairies .Net (le .NET Framework 4 est requis), ce qui permet un affichage des couleurs réelles et avec la plus grande précision. Il est possible de modifier la palette de couleurs d'un jeu. De plus l'affichage peut être soit en 16 bits, soit en 32 bits.

Changelog :

My Nes Version 7.7.7263.2864
Core Version 7.7.7263.2862
Built at 20.11.2019 01:35
- Added: ability to toggle fullscreen by double-mouse clicking on the emu screen.
- Added: ability to configure emulation shortcuts (via input settings, go to Input>Emulation Shortcuts).
- Added: ability to change buffer size for sound playback (SlimDX Audio renderer only).
- Fixed: ppu cycle timing, now it is 100% accurate (matches the rendering timing as described in wiki).
- Fixed: ppu sprites render in the first 4 pixels as mirrors of last 4 pixels.
- Fixed: game genie code edit function make My Nes crashes when the code file for a game is not presented.
- Fixed: connect 4 players make My Nes crashes.

Notes (Important):
- For best experience, please delete settings files (not folders) in My Nes settings folder before using this new version.
The setting files can be found in: \Documents\MyNes
The files are: controls.mnc, emusettings.ini, renderersettings.ini and winsettings.ini.

This step is OPTIONAL, it will reset My Nes into default without LOSING ANY OTHER DATA, such as state saves, snapshots ...etc

- Sound buffer size affect quality and performance, the lower the buffer size lower the quality and better the performance...
8 KB size found to be the lowest value possible before glitches can be heared in sound (lower values may do glitches).
24 KB size found to be the highst value possible before none-resolved latency appears.
You can set custom buffer size value in the settings:
go to \Documents\MyNes, edit renderersettings.ini, change line: Audio_PlaybackBufferSizeInKB=24 while 24 is buffer size
then save the file.

- You can use Keyboard, Joystick or Xbox 360 Controller for emulation shortucts.

- Please make sure that audio frequency value (Audio>Frequency) matches the sound output frequency in your pc.
You can set custom frequency value in the settings:
go to \Documents\MyNes, edit renderersettings.ini, change line: Audio_Frequency=48000 while 48000 is audio frequency
then save the file.

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