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bsnes v111.3, Emulateur Super Nintendo

Par shu, le 07/10/2019, 21:07

bsnes v111.3

Nouvelle release pour Bsnes, émulateur SNES développé par Byuu, qui passe en version 0.111.3.

Au départ, Bsnes a été conçu pour émuler seulement la Super Nintendo. Le core de Bsnes fut ensuite inclus dans une nouvelle version de l'émulateur (Higan) qui se voulait dans un premier temps multi-plateformes Nintendo, avant d'élargir son champ d'action avec le support de la WonderSwan, la Master System, la Game Gear, la Megadrive, ainsi que la PC Engine et la SuperGrafx.

Depuis la version 0.107, Byuu a décidé d'isoler à nouveau le core de Bsnes tout en profitant des améliorations d'Higan, cette opération visant à le rendre plus performant et plus simple d'utilisation comparé à Higan.

Le programme émule également les extensions SNES suivantes :
_ Super Game Boy
_ BS-X Satellaview
_ Sufami Turbo

A noter que le développement d'Higan n'est pas stoppé pour autant, celui-ci devant nous arriver prochainement dans une toute nouvelle formule.

Changements :

In celebration of reaching zero issues and zero pull requests on GitHub, I'm releasing bsnes v111 today.


- fixed audio crackling in Super Game Boy emulation
- fixed NTSC region detection in Hanguk Pro Yagu
- fixed boot hnaging issue in Kishin Douji Zenki - Tenchi Meidou
- fixed slowdown issue in Mega Man X2 & X3
- added mute hotkey
- added HD mode 7 adjustment hotkeys
- added 18 pixel shaders including AANN, CRT-Royale, XBRz, and more
- added hotfix for The Hurricanes tile glitch during intro (happens on real hardware)
- added hotfix for Magical Drop which can hang after game over in Tokoton mode (happens on real hardware)
- added scanline override for NHL '94
- added fix for enterig folder names into the BrowserDialog filename box
- shrunk the fast PPU's Pixel struct, which gives a 3% performance boost [Alcaro]
- allow SRAM sizes of 2 megabits (for SA-1 homebrew developers)
- improved HDMA timing to fix a slight flickering issue in Full Throttle - All-American Racing
- fixed an issue with bsnes not remembering the user audio frequency setting across runs
- many libretro build improvements [rtretiakov, orbea]

Fonctionnalités :

Unique Features

- 100% (known) bug-free compatibility with the entire officially licensed SNES game library
- True Super Game Boy emulation (using the SameBoy core by Lior Halphon)
- HD mode 7 graphics (by DerKoun) with optional supersampling
- Low-level emulation of all SNES coprocessors (DSP-#, ST-01#, Cx4)
- Multi-threaded PPU graphics renderer
- Speed mode settings which retain smooth audio output (50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200%)
- Built-in games database with thousands of game entries
- Built-in cheat code database for hundreds of popular games (by mightymo)
- Built-in save state manager with screenshot previews and naming capabilities
- Customizable per-byte game mappings to support any cartridges, including prototype games
- 7-zip decompression support
- Extensive Satellaview emulation, including BS Memory flash write and wear-leveling emulation
- Optional higan gamepak support (standard game image files are also fully supported!)
- Advanced mapping system allowing multiple bindings to every emulated input

Standard Features

- MSU1 support
- BPS and IPS soft-patching support
- Save states with undo and redo support (for reverting accidental saves and loads)
- OpenGL multi-pass piel shaders
- Several built-in software filters, including HQ2x (by MaxSt) and snes_ntsc (by blargg)
- Adaptive sync and dynamic rate control for perfect audio/video synchronization
- Just-in-time input polling for minimal input latency
- Support for Direct3D exclusive mode video
- Support for WASAPI exclusive mode low-latency audio
- Periodic auto-saving of game saves
- Auto-saving of states when unloading games, and auto-resuming of states when reloading games
- Sprite limit disable support
- Cubic audio interpolation support
- Optional high-level emulation of most SNES coprocessors
- Optional emulation of flaws in older emulators for compatibility with older unofficial software
- CPU, SA1, and SuperFX overclocking support
- Frame advance support
- Screenshot support
- Cheat code search support
- Movie recording and playback support
- Rewind support
- HiDPI support
- Multi-monitor support
- Turbo support for controller inputs

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Set No Intro SNES/Super Famicom

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