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bsnes-hd beta 6, Emulateur Super Nintendo

Par shu, le 28/05/2019, 23:41

bsnes-hd beta 6

Bsnes-hd est un fork de bsnes qui ajoute des fonctionnalités vidéo HD telles que le Mode 7 en HD ainsi qu'un affichage compatible écran large, rien que ça. Attention les yeux !
D'autres fonctionnalités devraient bientôt arriver...

Nouveautés :

New features:

- Super sampling can now be combined with higher scale factors as a sort of anti-aliasing. Please remember that the CPU load is the product of the two factors.

- HD Mode 7 can now be set to 1x scaling aka original resolution, with any combination of perspective correction, widescreen and supersampling.

- Added setting to ignore outside window, allowing for widescreen in Terranigma and Final Fantasy III/VI. Please test any other games that had no widescreen for no obvious reason in the previous beta. edit: This fixes Mode 7 widescreen specifically in the mentioned games and results may vary in other ones for Mode 7, other backgrounds and objects (please report). :edit

- Fixed crash when high resolution backgrounds met widescreen, incl. Donkey Kong Country, Secret of Mana and hopefully all others that crashed.

- Fixed interlacing-like looking artifacts during during fade to black transitions in various games.

- Tweaked some default settings and setting value names.

- Tweaked widescreen resolutions. In addition to some ARs (incl. 4:3) there is "HDcrop" which is intended to be used with a scale factor of 5x and "Output:Center" in fullscreen. On 1080p 16:9 monitors this will result in native resolution output, at the cost of 4 line on the top and on the bottoms, which does not break any known game.

Known issues:

- Setting very high scale factors and a widescreen AR at the same time causes the emulator to terminate. The solution would be increasing the size of the arrays that store the pixels. That, however, causes lower frame rates at any settings. So I won't fix this, until I can do so without impacting performance for everyone. My lack of C++ experience makes this difficult. Maybe someone can help me out here.

Coming next:

- Auto detection for perspective correction. I wanted that to be done at least partially by now, but I underestimated that. So only unnoticeable groundwork for now. Diving into research for his next.

Et une petite vidéo pour finir (merci à [email protected]) :

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[email protected] - le 29/05/2019, 04:20
a tester d'urgence pour tout fan qui se respecte.

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