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SameBoy 0.10.1, Emulateur Game Boy / Game Boy Color

Par shu, le 05/02/2018, 23:37

SameBoy 0.10.1

SameBoy est un émulateur GameBoy / GameBoy Color développé à l'origine pour Mac OS X. Extrêmement précis, il dispose en outre de puissantes fonctionnalités de débogage.
Une version SDL pour Windows est également disponible. Le voici qui débarque en version 0.10.1.

Changelog :

New/Improved Features

- The libretro port can now be compiled for the Switch
- Made the menu key more obvious in the SDL port
- Can now emulate a Game Boy Advance in Game Boy Color mode
- Changing a model in the SDL port is now done via the menu
- Major improvements to the way the libretro port handles audio, significantly improving audio quality
- It is now possible to select a specific model to emulate in the libretro port

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

- APU stereo volume levels are now scaled emulated correctly (Volume levels are 1-8, not 0-7)
- Triggering a pulse by writing to NRx4 now correctly changes the volume level of the previously played pulse. Fixes sound pops in Link’s Awekening.
- The CGB boot now finishes with correct register values
- Fixed APU DIV events sometimes causing audio pops in disabled channels. Fixes sound pops in Super Mario Land 2
- Fixed a bug where the effects of NR50 and NR51 were unintentionally delayed. Fixes sound pops in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge and Donkey Kong ‘94.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed video issues with the libretro port when using Vulkan
- Using a Joypad in the Cocoa port did not prevent the screen saver from starting

Site officiel :

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