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Hoxs64, Emulateur Commodore 64

Par shu, le 02/01/2018, 17:25


Voici une mise à jour de Hoxs64, émulateur Commodore 64 sous Windows écrit par David Horrocks, qui passe en version

Changelog :

01 January 2018 v1.0.9.6
1) CIA old timer B bug timing fixes for Wilfred Bos's alternate version of the dd0dtest.

2) Updated 8580 SID combined wave with slightly improved samples from a real C64C CSG 8580R5.

3) Added a new joystick setting to enable the use all fire buttons.

4) Added separate VBL sync or line sync options for both Direct X full screen and windowed mode.

5) Fixed the "Stretch with border clip" in some resolutions to provide a more optimal zoom.

Site officiel :

Section Commodore 64 (Goodset)
Set No Intro C64
Set No Intro C64 PP
Set No Intro C64 Tapes

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DMG - le 02/01/2018, 18:27
Commodore vaincra !

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