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DEMUL v0.7 171010 (WIP), Emulateur Dreamcast, Naomi, Naomi 2, Hikaru, Gaelco 3D

Par shu, le 12/10/2017, 10:15

DEMUL v0.7 171010

Après plus d'un an sans nouvelle, voici une nouvelle version "Work In Progress" de DEMUL, émulateur Dreamcast, Naomi, Naomi 2, Hikaru et Gaelco 3D, qui passe en version 0.7 build 171010. En fait ce sont 2 mises à jour qui se sont succédées.

Changelog :

Demul v0.7 171011

* -listxml now generate "merge" tags
* minor romset corrections
* fix AICA DSP recompiler state load crash


Demul v0.7 171010

Brief changelog:

* OnChip access correct bit width only
* add flti0/1 PR flag check
* reg binding cleanups and fixes, PR sanity checks
* fix DIV0S, optimize DIV1 and add linking current block
* fix Invalidation code
* fix delayed slot exceptions
* interrupts fixes / improvements

* fix CD PLAY after SEEK for Taxi2
* small fix for bleemcast (almost work)
* G1 DMA discrete step

* use less attenuated ALFO
* mixing levels fixes
* EG timer fixes
* properly handle Decay level = 0 case
* optimize IRQs

* rewrite SPG
* fix Holly registers for wince
* add real HOLLY IDs for all supported platforms

* speedup boot
* decode boot from Altera firmware
* render fixes: offset color flag, handle flats
* add Gaelco Footall
* preliminary support Gaelco Footall analog inputs

* SCIF link for AW Maximum Speed and Chase1929
* fix Marvel vs Capcom 2 intro Guile character head
* disable menu in fullscreen (fix clicking it with mouse in light gun games)
* netplay: add option to disable flash/sram sync
* set windows timer resolution to min possible value
* rom loading refactoring, NAOMI GD-ROM sets now require security PIC dumps, old GD-rip binaries not supported anymore
* fix save states crash
* improved creation of Dreamcast flash and "timehack"
* NAOMI DIMM CF support
* fix mouse X/Y calc then screen rotated
* fix error when set memcard time in DC bios
* fix DC flash erase, handle correct sector sizes
* Elo touchscreen fixes for Atomiswave and NAOMI StarHorse
* emulated HW210 IC card reader (Dragon Treasure, WCCF)
* SHIO hopper board HLE, Kick'4'Cash playable
* Added all recently dumped games for supported platforms
* Romset in sync with current MAME

and many other changes and fixes, not worth or forgot to mention.

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