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Steem SSE 3.9.3, Emulateur Atari ST

Par shu, le 02/10/2017, 01:39

Steem SSE 3.9.3

Nouvelle release pour Steem SSE (version Steven Seagal Edition de Steem), excellent émulateur de l'Atari ST, qui passe en version 3.9.3.

Changelog :

v3.9.3 Features

- Record to YM file.

- 'Advanced Settings' option (D3D). When unchecked, other options
are simplified.

- New Option General/Mute sound when inactive.

- Notice: 'Macros' option page renamed 'Record Input'.

- When running a new version for the first time (based on existing ini if
any), you get dialogs prompting you for a shortcut, home directories, etc.
This is to give you a chance to update the link in the Start Menu, but it's
optional and you may skip the rest too.

v3.9.3 Emulation improvements

- Anti-aliasing filter for YM2149 emu (option 'C2').
This improves the sound with all sample rates, at the cost of some CPU use
(Star Trek).
Thx Mike Perkins for the C++ class.

- Hardware Hacks:
Support for Freeboot (disk side selector).
Support for STF hardware overscan (LaceScan and Autoswitch).
Support for STE YM/DMA sound mix fix, useful for Petari's little games

- STE paddles (thx Petari).

v3.9.3 Bugfixes / Refactoring

- Blitter start test (Great Giana Sisters STE).

- 6301/ACIA emulation (Warp STX).

- Removing some hacks in GLU/Shifter emulation.

- Floppy drive emulation at fast speed (no snails) is more compatible (Exile,
Super Hang-On, Lost Patrol, ...).

- Multiple screens can have negative coordinates (D3D).

- Fire button of STE joysticks.

- Missing macro in OR.W Dn,<ea> (D-Bug 117).

- WD1772: Wrong status after command $D0 (Rogue SCP).
Trouble at Index Pulse (some dumps of Gunship SCP).

- Lost on ST disks with <9 sectors (Wipe-Out-RPL, broken v3.9.0)

- Black borders in monochrome mode (bug since the origins!)
With borders, the screen isn't centred anymore, sorry about that, but
centring caused timing problems. It is correct emulation.

- Removed "multimedia" joystick support as it can cause crashes on some
systems, only DirectInput is used now.

- Record Input and Paste Text with option 'C1'.

- Messed display when coming back from optional 16bit Fullscreen.

- Slow Motion (broken v3.8.2).

- Possible crash when loading a profile.

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