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MESS / MESSUI 0.186, Emulateur multi-systèmes

Par shu, le 31/05/2017, 11:17


Tout comme MAME et MAMEUI, MESS et MESSUI nous arrivent en version 0.186.

Pour rappel, depuis la version 0.180, MESSUI a supprimé la partie arcade de MAME et est redevenu un émulateur exclusivement ordi/consoles comme MESS. Ce changement s'accompagne d'ailleurs aussi d'une nouveauté pour MAMEUI qui adopte l'interface de MESSUI, autrement dit l'ancien MESSUI est devenu le nouveau MAMEUI. Et le nouveau MESSUI est donc similaire à MAMEUI mais sans l'arcade.

MESS quant à lui continue de supporter seulement l'émulation ordi/consoles, mais sans l'interface de MESSUI.

Ces 2 builds sont toujours compilés et maintenus par Robbbert.

Changelog :

- NEWUI: new Load Item menu: You can now load software-list items
- NEWUI: Create and Load File: SWPATH now takes priority
- Media View: Unmount now actually unmounts the software
- Media View: Fixed problem of garbage showing when it should be blank
- Media View: Fixed display of already-loaded software
- Media View: Refresh on exit of emulation
- Media View: Can load multiple slots before starting emulation (including software-list items)
- SW Files: Fixed regression of unable to load software
- SW Files: Can load multiple slots before starting emulation (click each item one at a time with a single click)

- During the 0.184-0.185 cycle, a number of changes were done to command-line and software handling. With them came numerous bugs. During the 0.185-0.186 cycle, many of the bugs were squashed but many more remain. These can cause issues such as crash at start of various machines. When a crash of this nature occurs, it takes out the frontend as well.

- A big change was made a few weeks back which killed off all the winui builds. Luckily the change was reverted which is why we can make a release today. However, version 2 of the change will be trialled in a week or so, and if accepted winui will die once more. If this happens, it will take at least a few months to repair the damage. And, that's even if I feel like doing something. You have been warned!

Site officiel :

Retrouvez MESS et MESSUI dans diverses de nos sections comme celle de la Funtech Super Acan (set No Intro).

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