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Ootake 2.79, Emulateur PC Engine/PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx

Par shu, le 01/04/2017, 17:59

Ootake 2.79

PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16

Voici une nouvelle release pour Ootake, émulateur NEC PC Engine/PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx sous Windows développé par Kitao Nakamura, qui passe en version 2.79.

Changelog :

2017/03/31 2.79 released

- For low-end PC (PC not so fast), the function which can automatically
optimize the setting was added.
* Even with Intel Atom(Z8350 for Tablet PC, Stick PC) CPU, Ootake operates
pretty comfortably at window size up to x2 (full screen 800x600).
Here is the optimization method.
Push "Setting" button on the start screen (bottom left on the screen) ->
Push "Set CD-DA Play Timing" button (top button) -> OK button ->
Push "High Quality PSG (Defalt)" button (top button).
Optimization is completed in 60 seconds if your PC has enough speed.
In the case of a low-end PC, the fact that power is insufficient is
displayed and the setting is automatically lowered. Then, press the OK
button and wait 60 seconds again to complete the optimization.
- When Intel built-in graphics is used, it starts with the setting which is
lighter(Light PSG. fast) than the default setting.
- Add "Message Time 100% - 20%" to the setting menu(above the game screen).
It is possible to adjust the display time of system messages.
- Supports V-Sync at refresh rate "120 Hz" display output.
* For 120Hz compatible display for gamers.
- Add "Full Screen 120Hz" to the Screen menu. When this is selected, it can
be displayed at 120Hz with full-screen mode.
* With the Window mode, if the desktop display is 120Hz, V-Sync will be
performed automatically at 120Hz even if this is not selected.
- The operation of the PCE built-in sound (wave memory sound) has been
brought close to the real machine. In "Cyber Night" and
"Fire Pro-Wrestling" series, the problem of sound has been resolved.
- Improved Joypad initialization function. If the controller is not
functioning correctly, please initialize the pad settings once by clicking
"Input -> Initialize Pad # 1 - # 5 (fourth from bottom)" menu.
- Fixed a bug that shortcut keys such as Screenshot did not work when
reproducing the game play with "Capture -> Play Record (F6 key)" menu.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Site officiel :

Section PC Engine (Goodset)
Set No Intro PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16
Set No Intro SuperGrafx
Section PC Engine CD

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