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NeoGeo Station 2.0 [2017] Boss Hack Edition, (ex NeoRageX + new romset and extras)

Par MasterStiller, le 17/03/2017, 23:39

Forget the old NeoRAGEx and discover the new NeoGeo Station.

NeoGeo Station 2.0 is the new museum dedicated to the universe
of NeoGeo with all its originality and the new evolution of Boss Hack.

NeoGeoStation is composed of this new material:
• new perspective of emulator
• new romset (17/03/2017) 201 roms of 201 roms
• 200 games (excluding the bios)
• some roms have been patched with the Boss Hack effect
• new NeoGeo bios that contains UNIVERSE BIOS 3.2
• adding RunFix patch applied and high-definition vision
• new SkinPackV2 containing 10 backgrounds
• 200 ingame snapshots (preview)
• IPS path dedicated to The King of Fighters 2003

That's is the real final collection,
dedicated to the world of NeoGeo.


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3 Commentaire(s) -

Seb@S - le 18/03/2017, 02:20
thanks man, very interesting (i have a full neoragex yet)
looking for the update
waiting for all the parts uploaded!

see you Master S.

Codex - le 18/03/2017, 11:50
Thank you very much Master Stiller!

Seb@S - le 18/03/2017, 16:26
upload finished,

dling now

tx once again Master Stiller

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