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Xpeccy 0.6 build 20170203, Emulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Par shu, le 04/02/2017, 17:37

Xpeccy 0.6 build 20170203

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

XPECCY est un excellent émulateur ZX Spectrum développé par le russe SAM style. Apparu en Novembre 2014, il bénéficie de mises à jour fréquentes.
Le voici en version 0.6 build 20170203 sous Windows et Linux (Debian et Fedora en 32 ou 64 bits).

Changelog (GoogleTrad) :

build 20170203

- deBUGa: the ability to mark blocks. Beginning of the block is put Ctrl + LMB, end Shift + LMB. The unit is reset by MMB. The block used flags breakpoints and type of cells. As a dedicated unit affects the preservation of the listing (see below)
- deBUGa: tags, cell types and breakpoints are saved in a proprietary format * .xdbg - points of load / save map menu
- deBUGa: the ability to save otdizassemblirovanny text. If the selected block is stored only listing of the block, otherwise - all the visible memory, 64K.
- deBUGa: Ctrl + up / down arrow or Ctrl + scroll wheel dizasm 1 byte
- Full screen mode is back. Alt + Enter, or via a checkbox in the options. There is the option to save proportions (Keep ratio), in this case, the black bars on the sides on the wide screen. Buffer calculated 2048 * 2048 pixels. If someone 4K- monitors, better not
- Minor bug fixes, because of which did not work ATM2 / ZXEvo and incorrectly display the ATM2-modes.


The label is attached to the type and the page number, which is. And if a command for the substitution is no role in the address field, it is displayed only if its page is connected in any window.
The debugger can be marked only with the unit Ctrl + LMB (first end, then start)
When you enter commands manually type the cell is placed automatically.
For text only ascii characters are made with codes 32-127.
To a bunch of bytes displayed as text, it is necessary to mark a whole, not just the first byte.

I plan to work on the analyzer auto-placed label.

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