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Xpeccy 0.6 build 20170125, Emulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Par shu, le 26/01/2017, 12:15

Xpeccy 0.6 build 20170125

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

XPECCY est un excellent émulateur ZX Spectrum développé par le russe SAM style. Apparu en Novembre 2014, il bénéficie de mises à jour fréquentes.
Le voici en version 0.6 build 20170125 sous Windows et Linux (Debian et Fedora en 32 ou 64 bits).

Changelog (GoogleTrad) :

build 20170125

At first:

- CPU no longer goes into the interrupt immediately after the team - this is the next step instead of executing code
- Changed geometry of the screen - HBlank VBlank and are now in the end of the line / frame. If someone were created layouts in addition to default, they must remake
- The directory, which offers the last file saved
- I attach the output of service messages on the screen - is included in the Options-Xpeccy-Leds-Messages, while working on the zoom, on-off noflika
- Emulation is now synchronized for filling sound buffer, rather than at the end of the image rendering.
- Memory Scanner has got useful - adjusting the height of the sprite, manual entry of hex-address and the ability to unload the visible area.
- Fixed a bug debugger occurs when closing thereof during working Tracy.
- The debugger displays the signals HBlank, VBlank and INT
- I forgot. The settings are now identifies the base CPU frequency, without turbo. This frequency multiplier assume the machine that is able to.

And secondly:

- Added emulation CPU LR35902, are used in the Gameboy and Gameboy color. Emulation is not very accurate, one should check rastaktovku - not all on the same team beats with the same at the Z80
- And as a result, emulating Gameboy and Gameboy color. More may be some bugs, but Zelda played with gusto. The contents of the RAM in the cartridge that is not saved: as soon figured out how to do it - just be.
- The debugger tab will appear, where you can view all 4 tilesets, 2 tile palette cards and GBC.

Buttons for GB are set as follows: arrows - crossing; Z, X = A, B; Enter = start; Space = select
Use the 1,2,3, you can disable / enable the display of layers of graphics - BG, WIN and SPR
Boot ROMs for GB and GBC can be downloaded here. They should add romseta (s).
The layout of the screen for GB - add this line to config.conf in section [VIDEO], or in the layout editor to drive these figures: full size 228x154, 160x144 screen, curb 0x0, Blank-and 68x10, INT does not matter:

layout = Gameboy: 228: 154: 0: 0: 68: 10: 64: 0: 0: 160: 144

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