Voici une mise à jour de Hoxs64, émulateur Commodore 64 sous Windows écrit par David Horrocks, qui passe en version

Changelog :

25 August 2019 v1.0.22.4

1) Fix to remember the address of a disused extra SID chip.

25 August 2019 v1.0.22.3

1) 8 SID load from a saved state file fix.

25 August 2019 v1.0.22.2

1) 8 SID configuration to support the "The Tuneful Eight [ultimate]"

24 August 2019 v1.0.22.1

1) SID file loading adjustment.

24 August 2019 v1.0.22.0

1) Multiple SID chip configuration added to the "chip" tab settings. Up to 4
SID chips can be configured. Added SID stereo / mono toggle option.

2) Stability fixes and improvements to the built in sid file player to
support version 4 sid files with automatic multiple SID chip configuration.

Site officiel : http://www.hoxs64.net/

Section Commodore 64 (Goodset)
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