z26 4.06

Atari 2600

Après 8 ans sans mise à jour, voici le retour de z26, un très bon émulateur Atari VCS 2600 développé par John Saeger pour Windows, Linux et Mac OS X, qui passe en version 4.06.

Nouveautés :

- Most supported bankswitch schemes not detectable by size are now detected automatically with ROM signatures. Along with the classic games, most hacks, 4A5, 3E and 3F bankswitched games should start with the correct bankswitch scheme automatically.

- Changes to override a bankswitch scheme made in the GUI are no longer persistent. If you need a persistent change to a ROM, please rename the ROM with a bankswitch name in square brackets or as a filename extension.

- You can now launch a game from the command line in your current directory. z26 no longer automatically looks in your home directory for the ROM to launch. GUI navigation still begins in your home directory no matter how you launch z26. Trace log files are still built in your home directory.

- On linux, desktop integration now creates the path for the .desktop and icon files if necessary.

- Starpath JAM and other Starpath errors no longer cause the emulator to exit. We now just exit the game.

Site officiel : http://www.whimsey.com/z26/

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