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Version complète : 3DO titles not being updated anymore?
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Just curious are you guys still updating the 3do section, i was looking for NFS 3do and demoltion man and john madden football and many more.

Thanks for the ones that you do have up tho.

BTW, Gex doesn't work on my 3DO.

thanks. thumbup.gif
We're not updating this section anymore ...
Maybe when we'll have more space to put them on site wink.gif

Gex don't work ? even with FreeDo ?
Yea gex doesnt work, i will download again and try again, but the first time i burned it onto a cd, it didnt work. I dont use Freedo, because it runs too slow. I bought a 3DO 2 weeks ago, so i use that.

I also burn games at 16x speed and so far about 10 of them work, but 2 of them dont. My guess a bad ISO image.

Do you know of a site where i can download some " other 3do games that is not listed on gametronix" ?

Btw, I just downloaded Ballz, and it runs great!
In all case, always burn at 1x speed all your iso for "oldies".

3DO FZ1/FZ10 or other have 3DO a 2x speed reader ...

Where ? maybe here :
I m not sure that those game works.
There is no 1x speed using nero, what program do you use?
Img Burn rulez wink.gif
I could of sworn it said , image file not supported, when i was trying to burn a 3do game?

I will download a game from this site later and try again and let you know what happens.

None of the 3do files wont open up in imageburn, it says file not supported.
I dont know what type of 3d0 files are floating around on the net, but they dont seem to be normal iso images, so i just burn them using nero at 16x speed.

Nero doesn't have 1x speed, their slowest is 4x.
You can try at 4x instead.

It's been a while that i don't have burned a 3DO iso ... sad.gif
I already did 4x speed and it never works. 16X ( 2,400 ) works perfect. And 10 burned ISOs which i have downloaded at that speed works perfect. However, what it seems, alot of 3DO images online, are corrupt and dont work, or " some of them " only seem to work on freedo.

Good thing i have alot of blank cds.
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