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Version complète : 3DO ISOs are corrupt
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I downloaded some 3DO iso from gametronik in 7z format and exact, but the ISOs can not be used. When I open it with iso buster, I receive a message:

The Primary Volume Descriptor (PVD) is unreadable
Read error at address: 16
Device reported error: 05/64/01

Please check it all. Thank you.
Boudin Rouge
Can you precise the games with which you've got the problem please ?
Ballz - The Director's Cut
Battle Chess
Mind Teazzer

I think all the 3DO iso file compressed in 7z format are corrupt. Some iso in rar format are good.
Boudin Rouge
This may not be a problem. It appears that some CDI isos are formated using a non-iso 9660 standard, so they're not readable using this software.
If you have a CDI console, have you tried tu burn one and play with it ?
No, not CDI isos, they are 3DO isos. I have 3DO console and try to burn cd with Nero 7xxx. But I can not burn these iso file. Nero always show error message when I try to burn these iso file and IsoBuster is the same. I don't know if the CDI isos have the same problem or not.
Boudin Rouge
Excuse-me, I was talking about 3DO isos, I don't know why I wrote CDI...
What software are you using to extract isos from 7z ?
I use 7-zip 3.13 to exact isos form 7z files.
Boudin Rouge
Hmm, pretty strange. As i'm not a specialist of 3DO and I don't have the hardware, is anyobdy else can test these isos or tell if I have missed something ?
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