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posté 04/05/20 - 22:48
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XM6 Pro-68k Release 20 (200428)

Voici une nouvelle release pour XM6 Pro-68k, émulateur Sharp X68000 pour Windows.

XM6 Pro-68k est un émulateur Sharp X68000 basé sur la version 2.06 du XM6 original.
L'auteur précise que "les changements sont principalement liés à l'interface utilisateur, et que l'accent est mis sur le développement et le débogage des fonctionnalités plutôt que sur la précision de l''émulation. Cependant, les améliorations générales que l''émulateur apporte le rende plus recommandable que XM6 v2.06 (version finale officielle)".

Vous trouverez beaucoup d'informations sur l''émulation du X68000 en général sur le site de l'auteur.

Changelog :

Release 20 (200428)

Major Update:

The Unicode edition now has more accurate graphics. The MBCS version still
contains the original graphics code, thus making it a sort of "lite" version.
This section only describes changes relevant to the updated graphics.

Stretching has been expanded and now also enables certain CRT effects.

The View > Win32 > Bitmap window was reworked. The most import new feature can
be found on the last line, where the effective stretching factors are displayed.
If you see additional numbers in parentheses, these are the actual stretching
factors, which only appear when meaningful.

A smoothing option was added. It makes the display look fuzzier but reduces
aliasing somewhat. It only takes effect when stretching non-integrally.

There are several new stretch ratios that can be cycled using the mouse wheel,
although stretching is limited to simply "on or off" in certain X68000 modes.
There does not appear to be a ratio that is ideal for every game, therefore
the available ratios are experimental and subject to change. Hence this setting
is not being saved in the configuration at this time.

Full-screen mode was revamped, although it will function mostly the same
as in previous versions if you enable the "Full Screen Maximum" setting.
(Scrolling the mouse wheel far enough while full-screen will also work.)

Scanline simulation is now available, although it only applies to certain
video modes and therefore has no effect for most games in their default mode.

Displaying certain visual effects properly requires significantly more
processing power than in the past; you may wish to try the non-Unicode
edition if your PC is no longer able to adequately emulate certain games.

Additions & Changes:

Audio is no longer disabled while saving state. Seems to help a little bit.

Altered the function of the Alt-L accelerator since it wasn't used much.

Clicking the labels in the Sound Buffer configuration group reverts to default.

Single-floppy insertion via command line no longer resets the virtual machine.

Resets initiated via CLI or drag-and-drop now unpause the virtual machine.

The CLI interface was expanded. The details are in the manual.

Pausing emulation is now delayed until the current frame finishes rendering,
except if it appears the user is doing something technical (e.g. breakpoints
are active, CPU windows are open, etc.) in which case it halts immediately.

An accelerator to advance to the end of the current frame is now available.
It can be pressed to single-step emulation, or held down for slow motion.

The MBCS edition can now load state files created by the Unicode version.
This feature was added because the MBCS version is now useful for regression
testing the updated graphics, which are only present in the Unicode edition.

Bug fixes:

Fixed an error in the way the CPU core processes interrupts.

Fixed the percentage displayed in the caption when toggling speed limiting.

Reduced the amount of visual distortion in some games when pausing emulation.

Mouse blanking is now disabled in full-screen mode if subwindows are open.

Holding Shift while activating an MRU keyboard mnemonic is now supported.

Fixed a spurious warning in the log, albeit not one that was normally visible.

Emulating a stopped CPU was taking an excessive amount of processing power.

Known unreliable virtual input devices will now be ignored.

The MFP device's internal data was not being initialized.

Alt-F4 was not working when the keyboard was in Game Mode.

Fixed a few bugs related to search windows.

Fixed some issues with the kludging applied to the Windows keys,
although it is still recommended to use the Alt keys instead.

Site officiel : http://mijet.eludevisibility.org/XM6%20Pro...%20Pro-68k.html

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