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posté 22/06/19 - 15:32
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SameBoy 0.12

SameBoy est un émulateur GameBoy / GameBoy Color développé à l'origine pour Mac OS X. Extrêmement précis, il dispose en outre de puissantes fonctionnalités de débogage.
Une version SDL pour Windows est également disponible. Le voici qui débarque en version 0.12.

Changelog :

Version 0.12

This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.11.x.

New/Improved Features

- An experimental support for emulating CGB-CPU C is now available in the Cocoa port. This is still experimental and does not accurately represent all differences between CGB-CPU E and CGB-CPU C yet
- The Libretro port no longer restarts the core after changes to the high-pass filter or color correction
- The SDL port can now start in fullscreen mode via a command line argument
- High level emulation of Super Game Boy:
  • Supports game colorization
  • Supports borders, including correct emulation of the fade animations and borders that obscure parts of the Game Boy display window
  • Up to 4-player multiplayer (Currently only in the Cocoa and Libretro ports)
  • Can choose between Super Game Boy (NTSC), Super Game Boy (PAL) and Super Game Boy 2, with correct CPU speed emulation
  • All models include open source boot ROMs, just like previously supported models
  • Includes a default border for games without SGB support
  • Includes a boot animation
  • Accurate emulation of cases where the internal frame buffer loses sync with the SNES/SFC side

- New CRT display filter
- New preference panel in the Cocoa port
- Minor visual improvements to the icon
- Many performance all around the core
- The debugger now includes jump-to breakpoints
- New APU debugger commands
- The SDL port now has mouse support
- The SDL port now has an “Open ROM” dialog window, in addition to the previously available drag and drop support
- The Cocoa and SDL ports now have better support for sub-frame input accuracy
- The VRAM display window in the Cocoa port can now display SCX and SCY on the tilemap
- Redesigned audio API that should improve audio quality in all ports

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

- WRAM, VRAM, and other types of memory are now realistically initialized to random values. The randomization patterns vary across emulated models and revisions. This fixes several games that rely on non-zero values on boot
- Slightly more accurate emulation of the undocumented $FF4C register, which controls DMG mode on CGBs
- Fixed an APU regression where the noise channel’s volume envelope ran too fast
- More accurate emulation of analog APU characteristics
- Fixed a CGB boot ROM bug that made some games boot with incorrect palettes
- Fixed incorrect emulation of echo RAM
- Fixed a very rare edge case when an interrupt occurs while the stack points to $FF11
- Correct emulation of the time required to switch the CPU speed
- Correct emulation of CGB palette accessibility in different PPU timings, fixes Lego Racers
- Other accuracy improvements to OAM and VRAM accessibility
- The serial registers now behave realistically by working with bits instead of bytes
- More accurate initial RAM and VRAM values when using the built in CGB boot ROM
- Accurate emulation of AGB audio mixing, which is different from older models
- Fixed the behavior of the wave channel’s first sample playback, fixes buzzing sounds on LSDJ and several games
- Most aspects of STOP mode are now accurately emulated
- Fixed a bug where initial register values were incorrect when selecting a palette for a DMG game in the built in CGB boot ROM
- Fixed incorrect emulation of the Background and Window enable bit in LCDC

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where the SDL port would not recognize joypads if started directly to a ROM
- Fixed a bug where the Quick Look previewer would show glitched thumbnails for DMG games
- Fixed a regression that made the Cocoa port unable to display anything on Macs not supporting Metal
- Fixed a bug where modifying RTC data could corrupt MBC RAM data
- Fixed a bug where CGB save states were significantly larger than they should have been, older save states are converted
- Fixed several bugs in expression parsing in the debugger
- Work around a bug where some Windows 10 machines using Intel HD Graphics had unresponsive UI in the SDL port
- Fixed a bug where the D-Pad did not work on several gamepads in the Cocoa port
- Fixed a bug where the gamepad D-Pad had unexpected behaviors in the menus of the SDL port
- Fixed a bug where underclocking slowed down the core to ~40% of its speed instead of an exact 50%

Misc Internal Changes

- Rename all Z80 instances to SM83, which is most likely the name of the CPU core used in the Game Boy
- Size optimization in the CGB boot ROM

Site officiel : https://sameboy.github.io/

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