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posté 13/06/19 - 22:35
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bsnes-hd beta 7

Bsnes-hd est un fork de bsnes qui ajoute des fonctionnalités vidéo HD telles que le Mode 7 en HD ainsi qu'un affichage compatible écran large, rien que ça. Attention les yeux !
D'autres fonctionnalités devraient bientôt arriver...

Nouveautés :

- auto detection for perspective correction. Quite primitive implementation, but worked out surprisingly well. Covers "Super Castlevania IV" (tube), "Terranigma" (underworld) and "Final Fantasy III" (credits), but not the "Mohawk & Headphone Jack" title screen (levels are fine). If you find other other false positives or negatives, please try all 3 widths (see below) and report back here, thanks.

- HD Mode 7 with priorities that make some pixels foreground now is properly composited in HD resolution (was erroneously done at 1x resolution, causing artifacts in "Mohawk & Headphone Jack", thanks G-F-D for finding that one).

- perspective correction width setting. "narrow" fixes black flicker in "Tales of Phantasia" Mode 7. Use "wide" when there is no issue.

- settings to avoid black bars at the widescreen edges (e.g. "Top Gear 2") or top/bottom (e.g. top of "Super Mario Kart").

- more settings for "ignore window", allowing more widescreen e.g. in "Final Fantasy III" (no good results) and ability to disable some shadows or similar effects (for use with layer disable feature below, e.g. for "F-Zero").

- option to disable background layers and sprites, e.g. for screenshots for wallpapers (also see "ignore window") (thanks jprjr)

- soft crop option to allow certain sides of the image to overflow the screen, so other can be larger

- compile fixes (thanks to IamRifki for the report and the macOS binary for the last beta)

- some minor restructuring of the settings dialog

- first version of a readme. Not much at all, but I try. I'm just really lazy when it comes to prose. Feel free to post corrections or extensions.

Hébergement du projet : https://github.com/DerKoun/bsnes-hd

Forum officiel : https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments..._hd_mode_7_mod/

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