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> [EMU] DeSmuME v0.9.8, Emulateur Nintendo DS
posté 09/04/12 - 16:50
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i'm back

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Il s'est écoulé un certain temps depuis la dernière release de DeSmuME. Cependant les développeurs ne sont pas restés inactifs puisque voici que débarque la version 0.9.8 avec une foule de correctifs de compatibilité et une nouvelle interface Cocoa pour les utilisateurs Mac OS X.

Le changelog :

0.9.7 -> 0.9.8 (r3812-r4228)

  • bug: fix more IPC FIFO errors
  • bug: import more save files correctly
  • bug: don't autopatch already-patched roms
  • bug: fix bugs in piano and guitar grip
  • bug: fix ARM7's VRAMSTAT register
  • bug: fix memory leaks on compact flash emulation
  • bug: fix reading of rom from low header area
  • bug: spu: fix some poppy interpolation audio quality issues
  • bug: improve timing of dma operations by running through normal mem cycle accounting; fixes an annoying number of games and graphical glitches
  • bug: fix opcode MRC and fake bios CRC16
  • enh: jitter some related register and irq events to simulate pipeline effects and stimulate some race conditions to other outcomes
  • enh: fake (deterministic) some tiny jitter from human's hand holding stylus; some games were accidentally depending on this
  • enh: support nocash-stylep rints from arm
  • enh: add lua apis for accessing vram
  • enh: platforms other than windows receive threading optimizations
  • enh: provide diagnostics when system powers off (useful for homebrewers returning from main())
  • enh: clarify handling of different console types within the family (ds,dslite,debug)
  • enh: vfat support for slot-1 devices
  • enh: emulate temperature register
  • enh: add paddle emulation

  • bug: fix occasional crash from uninitialized blending table
  • bug: fix some 2d alpha blending cases resulting in white screens
  • bug: fix VRAM_I B_OBJ mirroring and fix sprites rendering across the end of vram
  • bug: fix rotoscaled sprites wrapping around screen
  • bug: dont fix rotscaled bitmap sprites with alpha==0
  • bug: opengl: fix degradation of toon rendering during loadstate
  • bug: opengl: alpha blending fixes
  • bug: many refinements to opengl renderer
  • bug: opengl: support rear-plane/ClearImage emulation (fixes many graphics)
  • bug: rasterizer: fix some rare alpha blending cases
  • bug: fix bug in environment mapping introduced after 0.9.6
  • bug: fix totally glitched out 3d graphics with several improvements involving matrix stack
  • bug: fix memory overflows in epx filter
  • bug: prevent backdrop from blending with ???
  • enh: opengl: better depth buffering emulation
  • enh: better support for line segment "polys" by detection and special rendering logic
  • enh: opengl: support quad primitives directly
  • enh: add hq4x filter

  • bug: fix a long-standing loadstate crash
  • bug: fix lag frame accounting
  • bug: fix glitches in cheat entry menu
  • bug: stop compact flash emulation from accidentally scanning c:\ sometimes
  • enh: add support for game database for improved save type detection
  • enh: hotkey for limit framerate toggle
  • enh: remove stop and reset toolbar buttons which were accidentally getting used
  • enh: additional complexification to desmume's behaviour run from a console prompt. whether it's better is uncertain.
  • enh: add support for cheats databases
  • enh: improvements to ram search tool
  • enh: preliminary support for varying stylus pressure
  • enh: add [Display] Show Console=1 to ini file
  • enh: more graceful cheat parsing and add some hotkeys
  • enh: add 5x window size
  • enh: add big endian and 20.12 toggle to memview and ramwatch
  • enh: improve FPS throttle feedback and granularity
  • enh: add lua menu API
  • enh: hud font switching
  • enh: add optional file association for .nds to path config dialog

  • enh: Big update to cocoa frontend. Pretty much entirely new. (rogerman)

  • bug: gtk: glitches in rom and recent rom loading
  • bug: glade: normalize savestate slot to hotkey mapping
  • enh: support soundtouch for use by metaspu
  • enh: gtk: add SPU mode selection (Tobias Jakobi)
  • enh: cli: better fps limiting (Thomas Jones)

  • bug: some small fixes here and there (Jan B?cken)
  • enh: lot of code cleanup (Jan B?cken)

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posté 09/04/12 - 18:56
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Eh bien, j'avais pas trop suivi l'émulation DS ...
La claque, les quelques titres que j'ai vite testé ont tous fonctionné de manière quasi optimale (comprendre : ils sont tous largement jouables).
C'est bien au point.
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