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Forum Gametronik _ Autres Systèmes _ Robinson's Requiem for 3DO - French version

Écrit par : Le Taon 25/01/10 - 21:33

Not long ago I tried to hack one of the greatest 3DO games - Robinson's Requiem (in the first version of this hack I have removed some enemies - spiders and Pterodictiles (they are not important to go through but can destroy humans eyes). So I have found one file in the sub derectory, where all of the items were duplicated in ... French! So I replaced all of the item names blushing.gif and now - what we've get? ya - French version of that game. It can be played on 3DO emulator with patched bios (No RSA Bios - I don't know - if I can put the link to that bios here - If YES - so tell me please. If not - use messages in profile. This bios allow to play all hacked 3DO games.

For now I need some time to compile that game and test it - but tommorrow or in 2-3 days I can give you the hacked game smartass.gif

some screens:

Écrit par : Lenny 25/01/10 - 22:19

Ouaaaaah Fallout 3 laugh.gif

Sorry ... great news, just a move of files and then ... french version, curiosity always pay tongue.gif

Écrit par : Le Taon 25/01/10 - 22:23

yah - it was not so hard blush.gif just several minutes of searching in the derictory - and we've got local version.

Écrit par : Lenny 25/01/10 - 22:29

Maybe this is working on other 3DO games ... I had some, I 'll looking for that next time I plugged 3DO and games on TV laugh.gif

Écrit par : Le Taon 25/01/10 - 22:36

hm. Robinson's Requiem was made by Silmarils - it's a French firm as far as I remember wink.gif So that will be working only on Robinsons. Another translation of 3DO game was made by a man Undertaker - he translates the game "Lucienes Quest" into Russian using hex Editor. That was really hard - and for now the project is about 60%. It starts about 2 years ago. I've got a very old patch, which translates several words in the meny and first dialogs

Écrit par : Dark Kariya 25/01/10 - 23:55

Ouaaaaah Fallout 3 laugh.gif

Il manque les gros guns et le déchiquetage de corps sur ses screens.

hm. Robinson's Requiem was made by Silmarils - it's a French firm as far as I remember wink.gif

Ho yes... and a new French developer (DotEmu) have decided to have Robinson's Requiem's (and other like The Ishars or Deus) rights and they demand all abandonwore sites to stop to distribute them... in all language. Result: if you want to play with R², Deus or the Ishars in PC, you must go to, with English version only. For other languages, it's a big INY (DTC in English). Fench firms have always good attitude...

Je ne sais pas comment le prendra DotEmu... whistling.gif

Écrit par : Le Taon 26/01/10 - 04:32

I can provide here a link for 3DO Bios without RSA? It will be nescesary to play that hack

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